The girl who got rich
Salaama Wanale
Mango Tree

Once upon a time, there lived two sisters, Nelima and Nambuya. Their parents were dead.

They lived on bare land. There was neither rain nor crops. Whoever wanted food had to go a long distance to find it.


Nelima was a humble, quiet and helpful girl.

Her sister Nambuya was proud and did not listen to advice. She did not care about other people.


One day, the two sisters had nothing to eat. They would have to look for food.

So Nelima and Nambuya went off in different directions.


Meanwhile, there lived an old woman called Netasile. She was believed to be a giver of riches.

Netasile had leprosy and her body was full of sores.


Nambuya came across Netasile.

Netasile said to Nambuya, "My daughter, how are you? Where do you come from? Where are you going?"


Nambuya answered all the questions.

Then Netasile said, "Come help me to go to my house and I will tell you what to do."


Nambuya was rude to Netasile. She said, "I would rather die than touch those sores of yours."

Netasile kept quiet and wished Nambuya a safe journey.


Nambuya walked for a long time. She reached a place where there were snakes, millipedes, caterpillars and other insects.

She was very tired and weak from hunger. She sat down to rest and fell asleep. The insects began to bite her.


On her journey, Nelima came across Netasile. She was happy to see her because she was the first person she met since starting her journey.

Netasile asked the same questions as she asked Nambuya.


Nelima agreed to help Netasile. "You have done what others failed to do," said Netasile.

She told Nelima to go back home. There she would find everything she wanted.


Nelima was very grateful and thanked Netasile.

She ran back home and found a new house with everything in it, and a lot of food. She was now rich.


But Nelima mourned the loss of her sister, Nambuya.

She said to herself, "One who did not listen to advice ended up in an elephant's mouth."

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The girl who got rich
Author - Salaama Wanale
Translation - Salaama Wanale
Illustration - Mango Tree
Language - English
Level - Longer paragraphs