Goat, Dog and Cow (Colour-in)
Fabian Wakholi
Marleen Visser

Goat, Dog and Cow were great friends. One day they went on a journey in a taxi.


They reached the end of their journey. The driver asked them to pay their fares. Cow paid her fare.


Dog paid extra, because he did not have the correct money.


The driver was about to give Dog his change. Suddenly, Goat ran away without paying.


The driver was very annoyed. He drove away without giving Dog his change.


That is why, even today, Dog runs towards a car to peep inside. He is looking for the driver who owes him change.


Goat runs away from the sound of a car. She is afraid she will be arrested for not paying her fare.


Cow is not bothered by cars. Cow takes her time crossing the road. She knows she paid her fare in full.

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Goat, Dog and Cow (Colour-in)
Author - Fabian Wakholi
Translation -
Illustration - Marleen Visser
Language - English
Level - First sentences