Fox and Rooster
Vincent Afeku
Wiehan de Jager

There was a time when all the animals lived together as friends.

One day, they decided to have a meeting to elect a king.


Rooster wanted to be king. So he lied to the other animals.

He told them, "The red comb on my head is fire! Don't touch the comb on my head!"


The other animals believed Rooster. They decided to elect Rooster as their king.

The animals hoped that Rooster's fire would help them in cold weather.


Then came a day when it rained. And rained. And rained.

It was cold. Everything was wet and cold.


"Where can we get fire to warm our bodies?" Rabbit asked the other animals.


"We can get fire from the comb on Rooster's head. Rooster is our king because he has fire on his head," said Monkey.


The animals agreed with Monkey. 

They sent Fox to collect fire from king Rooster.


Fox found Rooster in a deep sleep. 

So he decided to take fire without asking Rooster.


Fox collected some dry grass. He put the grass next to the comb on Rooster's head.

Nothing happened. The grass did not catch fire.


"Wake up king Rooster!" yelled Fox. "We need fire now."


But Rooster could not give fire to Fox.

Fox was angry.


Fox went back to the other animals. He told them the truth about the comb on Rooster's head.

From that day, no one was afraid of Rooster.  And foxes eat roosters and their families.

You are free to download, copy, translate or adapt this story and use the illustrations as long as you attribute in the following way:
Fox and Rooster
Author - Vincent Afeku
Illustration - Wiehan de Jager
Language - English
Level - First paragraphs