Rooster and Hare
Geoffrey Thiiru
Duane Arthur

Once upon a time, there was Rooster and Hare.

They were good friends.


One night, Hare visited Rooster and his family.

They enjoyed supper together.


When it was bedtime, Rooster and his family soon fell asleep.

Hare could not see their heads.


Rooster and his family slept very well.

Hare was not able to sleep the whole night.


In the morning, Hare wanted to know Rooster's secret.

"Where do you put your heads at night?" he asked.


Rooster decided to play a joke on Hare.

He said, "At bedtime, we chop off our heads. Without heads, we sleep very well."


"Then in the morning, we put our heads back on," explained Rooster.


Hare went home and told his family about the rooster's secret.

The Hare family decided to try it themselves. What do you think happened?

You are free to download, copy, translate or adapt this story and use the illustrations as long as you attribute in the following way:
Rooster and Hare
Author - Geoffrey Thiiru
Illustration - Duane Arthur
Language - English
Level - First sentences